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Good News

Good news, everyone! LinqToStdf is now using Git, and we'll happily take pull requests that line up with the principles of the project. We owe you guys a list of those things, but we'll happily take a look at requests and let you know until we have them documented. ;)

Project Description

A library for parsing/processing Standard Test Datalog Format (STDF) files, typically used in semiconductor testing.


  • Parsing of the general STDF file structure
  • Support for Linq style queries over STDF files
  • Specific support for the STDF V4 spec, including "structured" extensions. For example, get all the Parametric Test Records for a given Part (from PIR or PRR).
  • Pluggable record registration. Plug in parsers for your custom records, or describe them via attributes and let the library create the parsers for you on the fly.
  • Tolerance for corrupt/malformed files
    • Pluggable policy for errors. For example, you can throw on any errors, or take other actions appropriate for your scenario like repair.
    • Pluggable corruption detection and recovery
  • Generation of "missing" data (such as part/bin/test summaries)
  • High performance, tunable for a broad range of scenarios
  • STDF file generation, especially as a result of processing existing files.
  • Pluggable filters, allowing a wide range of behavior such as data transform
    • Built-in filters for things like synthesizing summary records and enforcing STDF V4 record ordering.
  • "Pre-compiled" queries, allowing you to leverage the richness of the API and the performance of a single-use parser.

We need corrupt STDFs!

General Overview

For a general overview, go see the Basic Idea


Discover the Motivation behind the library.

Example Usage

See Example Usage

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